Is a DIY Dog Crate For Me?

Considering Building Your Own Indoor Wooden Dog Crate Furniture?


Dog owners everywhere want to make sure that they provide a safe, comfortable, and practical place for their four-legged friend to hang out while at home. One of the best solutions for many homeowners is a dog crate. However, you also want to be sure that your crate is aesthetically pleasing, matches your home’s interior, and ultimately looks great. 

Yes, you can purchase one, but perhaps you have a few tools in the garage and are quite handy with them.

With the right dog crate plans, you can build a crate that will function perfectly and fit seamlessly with the design of your interior. Here at Dog & Crate, we no offer wooden dog crate furniture plans that are simple to follow and are guaranteed to help you achieve your dog crate vision. With our DIY dog crate plans, you can ensure that you bring your vision to life. We will be rolling out new designs every week at our sister website: Dog Crate Plans 


Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow to successfully build indoor wooden dog crate furniture for your pooch. 


Consider The Size 


When it comes to wooden dog crate furniture plans, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every home has different dimensions and dogs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Before you begin your build, make sure that you consider how much space your dog will need and how much space you have to allocate for the crate inside your home. It’s also important that you ensure you will be able to bring your dog crate inside once you have finished the build so make sure to check your doorways are wide enough. 


Have A Vision 


Before you start working on your DIY dog crate plans, make sure that you have a clear vision of what you want the finished product to look like. There are countless colors, materials, finishes, and features that you can include in your wooden dog crate furniture plans. With a clear plan in place, you will be able to gather all of your materials together ahead of time, setting you up for a successful build from the outset. 


Dog Crate Plans


In addition to gathering all of the materials you will require for the build, you will also need to have a reliable set of dog crate plans to work from. A wooden dog crate furniture plan that already includes a cut list, straightforward directions, and a list of materials you will need, such as those we offer here at Dog & Crate, is always the best choice. 


The Right Tools 


Once you have finalized your DIY dog crate plans and you’ve gathered all of your materials, the final thing you need to organize is your tools. Using the right tools is crucial in getting the results that you want from your dog crate build. Basic tools such as power drills, a skill/circular saw, and a Kreg Pocket hole jig are essential. Depending on the type of crate you are building and the features you are including, you may need to add a few more bits and pieces to your tool belt. 


Dedicated Work Space


Bringing any DIY dog crate plans to life takes a lot of work. Working with wood, paint, and stains can be messy so it’s important that you choose a dedicated workspace where you can focus on your dog crate plans without interruption. A garage, garden shed, or a similar type of space will work well. When choosing a workspace, keep in mind that you will be using power tools so it could get loud from time to time, and also you may be painting, staining, or varnishing so ventilation is important. 


Follow These Steps And Bring Your Wooden Dog Crate Furniture Plans To Life


Completing your very first DIY dog crate plans successfully might seem like a daunting task at first. However, by following the steps outlined above, you can be sure that you will have every chance of bringing your wooden dog crate furniture plans to life. Having the right blueprint is vital to your success. If you’re looking for the perfect dog crate plans, we recommend starting here to find a plan that will work best for you, your home, and most importantly, your four-legged friend.

Keep an eye out over at for new plans coming every week.