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Custom Dog Kennel Furniture

Have a Specific Dimension or Look for your custom dog kennel furniture?

We can accommodate any size, dimension, or style!

We understand that dogs and homes come in all shapes and sizes. We also understand you have a unique personality and style, so we would love to build a dog crate to fit your criteria. 
Just email us at with your ideas, dimensions, or pics and we will provide a quote within 24 hours!

Have you seen a wooden dog crate you like somewhere else?

You may have been scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram, or researching other brands and come across a design, style, or color scheme that you really liked. If that is the case, just send us a pic of that product and we can provide a quote to duplicate it. Send to or text to 281-838-9493.

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When it comes to luxury dog crates, if you can think it, We Can Build it!

Have an idea, or just know exactly what you want. Send us an email at , text or call us and we can put your idea on paper and provide a custom quote!

Custom Dog Crate furniture for sale near me
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Send us Dimensions

Do you have a place in your home that you think would be perfect for your dog crate. Or maybe you have multiple different size dogs. We can make the perfect dog kennel for any occasion!

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Send us Pictures

Have you seen a crate you fell in love with somewhere else? If you send us a pic, we can duplicate it.

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Send us your ideas

Haver an idea in mind? Let's collaborate and design that perfect crate just for you and your dog.

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Get a Quote on a custom dog crate today! 

We would love to build your custom dog box furniture and be a part of your dog's journey! Email us at or Text 281-838-9493